Apple design: too much influence? Or I don't want only one kind of touchpad

In general I like Apple design. I'm not a fan of all things Apple; although I'd probably be on a Macbook Pro if I could afford one. My problem is not with the design but with its influence on everyone else. And I don't mean just the hardware looks. For some reason Apple's paradigms for a lot of things has jumped over to competing platforms. And the one that annoys me the most is the insistence on copying the Apple touchpad and all its multi-touch paradigms.

I haven't used a Macbook in a while but I know it does two finger scrolling. And I'm assuming kinetic scrolling. And lately it seams that that's how Windows manufacturers are going and well I hate it.

Before two fingers became popular on windows machines the scrolling was done with the right edge to different degrees of success. I had a Toshiba that in addition to scrolling on the right edge had maximize(resize) in the top corner and minimize in the bottom. Of course many a times did I curse when I hit the edge in the wrong spot and changed the size of the window. But now I have an Acer timeline and while its a lemon of a laptop, boy I love it's touchpad. Yes, it has pinch to zoom like Macs but I think the scrolling is better. The right still scrolls but for long scrolls I can do a circular motion to continue scrolling as opposed to lifting my finger every time I get to the edge. The thing is it seams newer models are going the Apple way and it saddens me.

Why abandon a perfectly good way of doing something just to imitate Apple? Weren't patents made so you either license a technology or you find a workaround that is just as good or better? So why abandon something good just to be like Apple?