National Geographic photographer Michael Nichols is shooting for a piece called "Living with Lions" in Tanzania. Along with his crew, he's joined by a whole set of gadgets, including a custom-built 4x4, camera traps, IR cameras, and two camera vehicles: a six-rotor micro-copter and a R/C car. The German-made copter allows the team to take aerial shots that give a low-altitude overview of the Serengeti without scaring off the wildlife. In one of Nichols' daily-dispatches to his photo editor (all of which are posted online), he notes that alternatives like helicopters, air balloons, and airplanes are either too loud, too expensive, too fast, or too scary. Set to be published in 2013, "Living with Lions" will explore the difficulties of human and lion populations sharing the same land. In the meantime, feel free to blame your equipment, not your talent, for your photography.