RIM still has it, they need to wake up and smell the coffee.

RIM, what are you doing, you still have so much potential.

Don't be phased by all of this negative press.

You have an amazing email and messaging product.

You have amazing carrier and brand loyalty.

1. consolidate the brand models, low end, high end.

2. consolidate the OS's. from now on, all BB's should be able to be coherent. I know the past BB's are messes, just support them the best you can.

3. marketing please, any noise is some noise, and you need to make some damn noise to let people know that BB is an option.

4. still push the hell out of email and BBM, these things are thriving at colleges and schools.

RIM, most college kids still prefer BB over Android and WP7, don't let that new market slip away.

College kids: BB, iPod Touch.

I personally have just an iPhone, but most of my friends are doing the BB, iPod touch thing.