Your smartphone’s not just a phone anymore — it’s a remote control for your TV, your stereo, an AR.Drone helicopter, and much more. So why not a plastic ball? I can only assume that’s what Orbotix thought when it developed Sphero, a baseball-sized ball that you drive around using your iOS or Android device. It sounds incredibly odd and more like a dream toy for pets, but thanks to some high-tech hardware inside – Bluetooth, an LED light, compass, gyroscope, and accelerometer – it has the potential to be much more, and even to amuse us humans. It’s mostly just a motoroized baseball, designed to roll around and light up, but its interaction with your smartphone opens up a bunch of different possible uses. Given its technology and its $129.99 price tag, I expected the Sphero to wow me. Is this an awesomely high-tech toy, or just a pointless novelty? Read on to find out.