The PS Vita from Sony launched in Japan on Saturday, so it's only natural that by Monday morning we already have pictures of it disassembled. A pair of sites over in Sony's homeland have taken a screwdriver to the brand new portable console and taken a careful peek inside. Eight simple screws hold the external casing together, although a pair of them are hidden away under a cover and may take a bit of hunting to find. Once you've negotiated that test of fortitude, you'll be rewarded with the sight of one of the most sophisticated back covers in mobile devices, with the Vita's rear shell playing host to the rear touch panel, four antenna modules (two for 3G and two more for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS), a loudspeaker, and a 2,210mAh battery.

The front section is populated by three PCBs, attaching to one another via metal plates adorned with stylish pink and blue screws. A Torx screwdriver is required to complete the rest of the disassembly process, but on the whole, the Vita looks to be a rather user-friendly beast when it comes to peering inside for a look or repair. The OLED panel, manufactured by Samsung, can be separated from the front cover with a bit of effort and a couple of flathead screwdrivers. Not that we'd advise you to do so unless you really have to.