New "cloud" TV shows as a bandwidth saver

I cut the cable a few months ago. I find that just having netflix and getting some more content from iTunes does it for me. I had to increase my bandwidth limit to 120GB but the cost for that is balanced by no longer having to pay for cable.

No I never see a single TV ad. Xmas is much less annoying this year thanks to that.

One problem I had is that whenever I downloaded an iTunes TV show in HD I would get 2 versions, HD and SD. I do not need the SD and never found a way to remove it permanently from the iTunes downlolad list.

Now if I buy a show directly from the Apple TV and stream it it does not appear in the iTunes download list. I can still download it from the iTunes store if I want but I don't HAVE to. And I especially don't have to get both HD and SD versions. I still have the problem with my season passes which are added to the download list every week. Maybe this will go away when I buy my next season passes from the Apple TV directly.

Which brings me to the one thing that still bothers me a lot. When can't I buy the first 2-3 episodes and then get it as credit toward a season pass when I decide I want to follow this?