British communications regulator Ofcom has summoned RIM representatives to a meeting after it emerged that mobile networks are unable to filter content to users of BlackBerry devices. The filtering is required by UK law, in an attempt to prevent minors accessing adult material. The issue only affects BlackBerrys because of the unique way the devices are connected to the internet — all data is routed via BlackBerry's servers for security reasons, something which tripped the company up in October when its service centers failed worldwide. 

The Telegraph reports that Ofcom's move has prompted Conservative MP Claire Perry to raise the issue in the House of Commons, which would be the second time in recent months that the brand was mentioned in a negative light in Parliament. BlackBerry Messenger was cited by some as a key tool behind the rioting in London in August, causing some to call for a kill switch for the service in the future. It's another piece of bad publicity for BlackBerry, and this time it's the key feature of the system that's under fire.