LG just announced the 2012 refresh of its Magic Motion Remote Control. Last year's model let you navigate any 2011 LG smart TV like a Wii, and the refresh takes a new ergonomic design and adds voice recognition for text input, a scroll wheel, and "Magic Gestures." We're not sure exactly what gestures are supported, but one example LG gives is making a 'V' to bring up a list of the most recently watched videos. The remote also has a new 3D button you can push to turn on the TV's 2D-to-3D conversion software — that's probably not terribly useful, but might make for a neat parlor trick when you have guests over. We don't know yet if it'll be backwards compatible with last year's line of smart TVs, but it should at least work with the 2012 models. LG says it'll be available in the first quarter next year, so we'd expect it to be demoed at CES in January.