Thoughts/Experience using Adobe Carousel?


As an amateur photographer, I've struggled finding the perfect workflow for editing and storing all my photos. I used Picasa for a while when I had my Droid, then moved to Flickr after importing everything into iPhoto, but I haven't found a good solution. Right now, I'm storing originals in iPhoto and then importing them into Lightroom or Photoshop one-by-one and exporting back into iPhoto post-edit. I know this is probably an inefficient way of editing my photos, but I do like browsing my photos in iPhoto & I've been nitpicking my best shots to upload to my 500px account. I also have my own portfolio website ( that I am still working on.

So! Who has used Adobe Carousel? When you upload your photos, do they retain their native resolution? Do they get compressed to JPG? I would move away from iPhoto if Carousel worked better with Lightroom and Photoshop directly. Oh, and I have no problem with the $60/yr subscription if I can truly organize, edit, and browse my full-resolution photos on an unlimited-capacity server.

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