What's the best car stereo that pairs with Android phones?

I'm looking for a replacement car stereo for my car that works really well with my Android phone (a Sprint Epic Touch 4G). My primary usage would be streaming audio via A2DP. I'd also like play/pause controls, and possibly next/previous track, and, to a lower degree, making hands-free calls.

I don't really care about CD playing, as all of my media is on my phone. I do want radio, but regular AM/FM is fine (no need for HD or Satellite radio).

Looking online for a car stereo that meets these specifications has been an absolutely terrible experience, and I hope someone our there in the Verge army has had a good experience.

I'm really looking for a stereo that works well with Bluetooth phones. No constant disconnects, and nice integration are big plusses.

Best Buy seems to only carry one stereo that fits, the Sony MEX-BT2900. Anyone have any experience with it?

Thanks for any help!