Patrick Boivin and his stop-motion Nexus Ninjas have an affinity for unboxing Google's flagship Android devices — generally with some crazy flips and flying kicks — that dates back to 2010's Nexus One. For their third outing, the ninjas downgrade to 8-bit as the red ninja searches for his missing Galaxy Nexus in a sidescrolling brawler beautifully reminiscent of classics like Double Dragon and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Punch, kick, throw, and dash your way through six levels on an Android device — that's it for controls, with the exception being "kick-punch a lot" when you activate Nexus Power. It's currently available in the Android Market, a nice little freebie. 

No Android device? Enjoy the "prologue" over at YouTube, and be prepared for more kick-punching; just as with the Nexus S, it's something of an "outside-the-box" experience. Will the red ninja find the Galaxy Nexus? Will we see just how the AC adapter is laid in the box? Is anyone actually playing this to answer those pivotal plot points? Find out for yourself!