Payment Plans for Galaxy Nexus or Other..

So I'm interested in the Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ which I know many people on this forum have scooped up. The only problem is that I don't exactly have the $700+ to dish out all at once. HOWEVER I do have a good job and I could pay this off over a few months time- so now my question:

Is there anywhere (online or other) where you can buy the Galaxy Nexus and pay if off over a period of time, like a year or 2 years? This would be an awesome solution for me- because I'd just set it up to auto-pay. I did something similar w/ T-Mobile when I bought my Vibrant in 2010 and its worked out great, though T-Mobile isn't exactly selling this phone yet.

I'm considering buying the Nexus S on NewEgg for $329 w/ a 6 month payment plan- only problem is that the interest rate is outrageous- about 20%. But I know this would be a decent alternative to the Galaxy Nexus and I'd still get to rock ICS.

Anyways- for all those off-contract- how do you pay for your devices?