We've already been told by HPMicrosoftNokiaRIM, and Verizon that they do not use Carrier IQ software, and now a host of carriers are joining that list. Three and Vodafone in the UK, and Rogers in Canada, have all announced that the software is not present on any of the devices they sell. O2 shed a little more light on its position, saying that while it "doesn't collect any data via Carrier IQ", the software might still be present on some of its devices for manufacturer diagnostics.

Possibly the most concerning thing in this whole story is the unwillingness of all parties involved to take ownership of the software that's installed on users' devices. While some handset manufacturers claim that the software is required by carriers, in turn the networks are deflecting responsibility, and CIQ itself is pointing any questions back at the carriers. If you want to test your device for the rootkit, a couple of tools for Android have already been released by the developer community.