The one-pound BenQ Joybee GP2 projector has all the upgrades you'd expect from a second-generation device — it improves resolution to 720p, and doubles most of the other GP1 specs, with a maximum 160-inch image, two 2W speakers, and a brightness of 200 lumens. Additionally, the GP2 takes far more inputs, with added HDMI support, a built-in iPhone/iPod dock, Mini USB input, and a card reader.

It also has 2GB of internal storage and supports a variety of file formats, meaning you can transfer videos (though only in FLV, oddly), pictures, or documents and project them with no connection. There's an optional battery, which BenQ claims provides three hours of playback. For $549 on Amazon, it's a solid list of specs — but would-be mountain climbers should note that there's no word on whether it includes the GP1's high altitude mode.