In the wake of an investigation into Chevy Volt battery fires, GM is offering to buy back the cars from any customers who are unsatisfied — although it still insists the vehicles are safe as long as the battery is powered down according to proper safety procedures after a serious crash. The buy-back offer is unusual since the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) hasn't issued a recall, but GM previously stated that it wants to make sure customers have peace of mind. Earlier this week, the automaker offered a loaner car to any owners concerned with the investigation — an offer that only 34 of the 6,142 Volt owners have accepted, according to Chevy's Alan Batey. Any customers who want to participate in the buy-back program should contact their dealers. No matter how this ends, GM certainly gets points for bending over backwards to keep customers happy.

Update: According to the Wall Street Journal, "around a half dozen owners" have taken GM up on its offer and returned their vehicles.