The Android-x86 project has ported Google's open-source code to x86 platforms, meaning that developers can now take advantage of Android 4.0 on AMD and Intel based tablets. The release includes support for Wi-Fi, multitouch, and OpenGL hardware acceleration for AMD chipsets, but sound, camera, Ethernet, and hardware acceleration for Intel platforms is not working yet. The team has a special install package for AMD Brazos tablets — interestingly, Chih-Wei Huang from the Android-x86 project says that AMD provides the team with great support, including the donation of devices and help from engineers, while Intel hasn't pitched in. (But we already know that Intel is working on x86 based Android tablets, and plans to make consumer models available in Q1 2012.)

AMD's support suggests that it's still interested in x86, and as we reported, it looks to be shifting its focus to low-power devices like tablets. Plus, with the major players (including Google) working actively on x86 support for consumer tablets, Android 4.0 should soon be available for x86 with all the bells and whistles.

Thanks, jakeosmith