Motorola Triumph

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Reviewed by Code.Red (Currently owns)

This is the best Virgin Mobile phone to date. The display has really good pixel density, although it is not an IPS display. The phone is very snappy and because it comes with stock Android 2.2 Froyo, it's not bogged down with skins or any Motorola crapware. The battery lasts about a day with typical use, which is normal for smartphones. The only faults with this phone that I can find are that the camera is pretty awful in low-light conditions, and that compared to the Optimus V, the Triumph seems to get slightly worse cell reception, although it's only noticeable in places that I already had low bars before. Installing CM7 (which is Android 2.3 Gingerbread) on this phone greatly increases the value as well, as it increases performance even further, and gives the front-facing camera some use. It also fixes an occasional problem on stock where data is connected, but no data works until data is switched on and off. A version if the MIUI rom is available for this phone, as well. Obviously, this phone still can not compete with the likes of the iPhone4S or the Galaxy Nexus, but in the prepaid space, it is top of the line. Right now, the Triumph can be found for about $250 online, and if you are certain you want to get a prepaid phone, this is the phone to get, along with Virgin Mobile's unlimited data plans starting at $35/month.

The Breakdown

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  • Design 7
  • Display 8
  • Camera(s) 3
  • Reception / call quality 6
  • Performance 7
  • Software 8
  • Battery life 6
  • Ecosystem 8
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