How long will the mac be the computer of choice the young aspire to?

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got me thinking, how long will the mac hold the attentions and desires of the young well to do kids going off to college?

I was talking to this lady recently and she said her Daughter had a windows based pc and was quite happy with it when she got it, but after visiting campus and seeing scores of her peers with macs she became disgruntled with her pc and wanted a mac instead.

It speaks to a sort of herd/group effect, an "in crowd" effect. That image of a classroom with a sea of kids with macs was pretty surreal



Talk about marketshare, it's almost tech editor levels of macbook buy in... almost. I kid the tech editors, you know I love you guys!

But nothing lasts forever, how long do you think this will last, and what is the cause of the resilience of the mac desire in the 1000$ plus notebook market? Is it just that windows pcs are that uninspiring and ugly by and large? Is it more about the hardware or the software? Is it the combination of the two?

It seems there is a renewed effort on the part of large pc makers to design premium notebooks to gain traction, but do you think that will be enough?

Right now, as nice as one of those new dell xps designs may be, or one of those new hp envy models, the mac still dwarfs all others in mind share for laptops that people WANT to own as opposed to need to own.