Apple TV (2nd generation)

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Reviewed by Dan Chilton (Currently owns)

If you have kids, this sandwich-shaped bad-ass is a must have. Actually, I take that back. If you have kids AND a Netflix subscription, then this beautiful Texas-toast-sized box is a (your respective deity)-send. The software could stand to be a little more open and offer more codecs, but who are we kidding here -- this is Apple, and that boat sailed a long time ago. I've been tempted to jailbreak this little puck, mainly so I could get VPN functionality and more codecs, but I'm too lazy. Even still, I love this Micro-Machine-warehose-sized box. I really feel like I'm living in the future when I can sit in bed and pull up any baseball game my heart desires with the click of a button on a Spartanly designed aluminum sliver.

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  • Design 9
  • Software 6
  • Content selection 7
  • Performance 9
  • Accessories, remote 6
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