Like many developers out there, Remixation, maker of the popular iPad and iPhone app ShowYou, has decided to bring its app over to Android. However, while the app is interesting in itself — it is a social video aggregator, think Flipboard for video — what's more notable is that it has developed it just for the Kindle Fire. That's right, the company has decided to focus on just the one Android tablet for now and has spent considerable time and effort getting it right for just Amazon's device.

"You have the whole fractured operating system ecosystem, and that's hard to navigate... We felt that if we were going to gamble on an Android tablet, this was the one to gamble on," Remixation CEO Mark Hall said. He also added that the Fire seemed like the perfect platform for a video-based app. Still, Remixation's move makes it very clear that developers are starting to focus on Amazon's platform rather than Google's tablet-focused operating systems, as we predicted might happen in our Fire review

I've been playing with the new app on the Fire, and while it's quite basic, that may be what makes it so compelling. Punch in your Twitter or Facebook username and it will pull in videos shared by your friends. Video playback has been very smooth, though the whole experience, including swiping and animations, doesn't seem as fluid as on the iPad 2. The app will be available for free today on the company's site and through the Amazon App Store soon, which means you'll be able to put it on any Android 2.3.3 tablet that's got the app directory. Though if you had any doubt, the company is stressing that it has truly been optimized for Amazon's 7-inch tablet.