We'd already seen the specifications for the forthcoming 22nm Ivy Bridge desktop processors from Intel's roadmaps that leaked early this month, along with some more details on the mobile range since. Now, a report from CPU World has given us a better idea of the wholesale pricing for the chips, which falls directly in line with the current generation of Sandy Bridge processors. The lower-end Core i5 models start at $184, rising to $332 for the Core i7-3770K which has an unlocked multiplier for easier overclocking. The only model to see a price rise over the comparable Sandy Bridge processor is the Core i5-3570K, up to $225 from $216. The range has also retained the S and T models, denoting lower energy consumption, with no price premium over their power-hungry equivalents. 

There's no further information on the Core i3 models, which were also absent from the roadmap leaks, and remain the only question mark in a range that we're otherwise getting to know pretty well. CPU World also gets a little more specific than the Q2 release we'd heard before, saying that the majority of the chips will launch in April 2012, with the voltage-sipping dual-core Core i5-3470T following in May.