So... WP7 on Blackberry by this time next year?

So I guess I've become part of the cliche, formerly-radically-devoted-to-Blackberry-but-now-totally-disillusioned user. But amidst all the hating even the most fervent BB fan has to admit that things are not good in Waterloo.

I for one can see no way RIM can sustain until late 2012 on the BB7 OS. It doesn't matter what hardware you wrap it in, BB7 is essentially the same OS they've had since before the original iPhone came out. A tired old phrase involving lipstick and pigs comes to mind.

But getting back to the point, no matter how talented the QNX and TAT teams may be, if RIM can't get something new out the door, then maybe they should adopt an outside OS such as Windows Phone.

I say its either adopt an outside OS or leave the consumer market and focus solely on enterprise (in North America, at least). Either way Laz and Bals have to go.