@ Louis C.K. 5 dollar (and ZERO DRM) standup experiment

Not sure if this was posted somewhere else here, but I was listening to the pc gamer podcast and they mentioned Loius C.K. releasing a video of his stand up performance at the beacon theater for 5 dollars and no drm.

More interesting was that he was adviced against doing so, against having no drm with all the certainty that his work would be stolen, but he went through with it anyway and here were the results:


he actually listed his sales numbers about a week ago (yet ANOTHER taboo he was told you just don't do, not for the peasants to be aware of) and they seemed pretty impressive to me.

Thing is his show will almost cetainly be pirated thousands upon thousands of times by people with no concern about anyone getting paid, but at least this way the people that support him can make an easier time of it, and it did remove the middlemen.