Apple, LTE and 2012. What happens?

So, it's nearly 2012. Every carrier is throwing money at their brand-spanking new LTE networks and they want to see some return on investment. Android has been quick to jump on the LTE train, with WP7 rumored to be not far behind. Naturally, everyone seems to be assuming iOS will do the same.

Just one problem: LTE still annihilates the battery life of devices, the one thing that iOS devices are generally known for being big on. They've already passed on it for one year, what about next year?

So I'll throw this out there - do you think Apple will implement LTE differently to everyone else?

A few completely baseless assumptions of my own of what might happen:

  • Allow app developers to choose whether their app really does need LTE turned on to begin with. This would allow Netflix turn on LTE needed for faster movie downloads, but allow a Twitter user to leave it off as they aren't pulling in the amount of data LTE would really need.
  • Inform the user what LTE is and what the impact is has on your device is. Provide the user a new 'Enable LTE' switch which leaves something at the top of the screen (Ala Personal Hotspot) to let you know that YOUR DEVICE HAS A REALLY REALLY BATTERY EATING SETTING TURNED ON RIGHT NOOOOOOOOW!
  • Talk up the benefits and let the end user see what the tradeoff is. Replace 'Enable 3G' with 'Enable LTE'. This would be a bit of a copout, tbh.
  • Give it another year. Obviously not optimum, but you never know.
So yeah. Any thoughts?