Sony PlayStation Move Navigation Controller

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Reviewed by DillonLarson (Currently owns)

The Move Navigation Controller isn't necessary for all games, and from what I understand you can just use the DualShock 3--although you have to hold it in a rather awkward way. I got my Navigation Controller on Black Friday for $15 (half price). The controller is not as full featured as the Motion Controller, and its smaller size makes it feel somewhat harder to hold. If a game you really want to play requires the Navigation Controller, you should probably buy it, but for casual users the DualShock will likely be fine.

Good Stuff
- Works well with Motion Controller
- Rechargeable

Bad Stuff
- Not as nice to hold as the Motion Controller
- Expensive

The Breakdown

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  • Design 8
  • User interface 8
  • Compatibility 9
  • Battery life 10
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