Razer Deathadder

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Reviewed by malikona (Currently owns)

After several months of constant use with my 27" iMac, I've found the Deathadder to be an awesome mouse. It is contoured to fit your hand nicely; the intent of a mouse like this is to give you the greatest range-of-motion with the least movement of your hand. It just fits the hand perfectly, down to the slight concavity of the buttons. The mouse is covered in a matte finish that makes it easy to grip and keeps it clean (clean-looking anyway) as well. Plus the blue lights in the wheel and the logo glow and pulsate (if you want) and just generally look sweet, especially in the dark.

Only downsides: the software (Mac-compatible, which is great) is a bit awkward to use, on the Mac side at least. It is difficult to get the two thumb-buttons and wheel-button to map to the functions you want (Expose, Desktop, Spaces, etc.) and know for sure it's playing well with the System Preferences mouse app, etc. With a little patience and ingenuity you can get it to work, but I find myself just not using the thumb buttons much (though they are great if you will use them). The wheel is rubberized and responsive, and I use it all the time, though it tends to either scroll too-little or too-much in the Mac OS X Lion. There may be a way to tweak this, but it's not so bad that I've been willing to take the time to figure it out.

Also the cord is a mixed blessing; it is a woven cloth style cord, which does a great job of avoiding tangles as advertised. But for whatever reason it also has a tendency to get snagged under the corner of my (Razer) keyboard and takes a little, frustrating tug to get loose. The 'fabricness' (..yeah) of the cord seems to make it catch on things a little easier than a rubber cord; just not other cords, which is the idea. Not a dealbreaker by any means, and I'd say it beats a regular plastic/rubber cord.

I'm not going to review this mouse with respect to gaming, since I don't have any basis for comparison (besides the Magic Mouse which is, well, useless for gaming). It is certainly more capable than I am when it comes to headshots, so I give it a 10/10 there.

My sense is $60 buys you a better 'gaming' mouse than you'd get for a $60 'regular' mouse, but I could be wrong. I do know that everything about this mouse feels and functions like a premium product, with the possible exception of the configuration software on Mac, and I would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat. The Deathadder definitely swallows the Magic Mouse whole, and makes day-to-day computing on the Mac (to say nothing of serious gaming) much more enjoyable.

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