Nokia's support for Symbian software nowadays is nothing more than a vestigial courtesy to customers unfortunate enough to have bought handsets running it, but now the company's going even further by omitting the Symbian name from the title of its next update. What was formerly known as Symbian Belle is now Nokia Belle, with references to Symbian relegated to the description of the underlying software. More newsworthy to owners of the N8E7X7, and other Symbian Nokia Anna phones, is the pronouncement that the Belle upgrade will be made available in February of next year.

The new software drop will offer six, instead of the current three, homescreens, better widgets, an improved status bar, and a number of other improvements. Nokia hasn't yet made a final decision about whether there will be any updates after Belle, but what's known for sure is that they won't feature Symbian as part of their name.