Many people conjecture what mankind would do if faced with an imminent apocalypse. Would we riot in the streets? Stand calmly and accept our fate? Stay home and hug our families close? Will it be more like Strange Days, or Melancholia? Maybe the end of an MMO can offer a clue: all of the above. A number of YouTube videos have emerged of people mourning the end of the Star Wars Galaxies, which was shut off over the weekend to pave the way for Star Wars: The Old Republic. There's a crowded city square, filled with players standing still, shooting off fireworks in mourning, while spaceships zoom past overhead. There's the gang of players who killed off Luke Skywalker in the waning moments. Somebody gives a tour of the home they've lovingly built over the years. It's not the first MMO to be shut down like this, and it won't be the last, but that doesn't stop it from being an emotional affair, especially after eight years of role play. Rock, Paper, Shotgun has a nice roundup of the tearjerkers. If you're feeling more reflective, David Radd has a great piece over at IndustryGamers. Ultimately, Star Wars Galaxies was never truly successful, doomed by its own early missteps and the large shadow of World of Warcraft. We'll be mourning the loss for those who made it home, but that won't stop us from starting up a Smuggler character in SWTOR named "Schan Schmolo."

Image courtesy of Kuokka77 (YouTube)