The old "Improve Your Battery Life Tutorial"

Back in the day I had a HTC Desire which had poor battery life out of the box, after running through the below recommendation at the time (which was apparently directly from HTC) I noticed a big improvement.

I'm currently trying it on my Galaxy Nexus, at the moment I'm getting 13h out of it on normal use yet the verge seem to be getting over 20h from their review units.

Has anyone come across this before?

1.Turn your phone on and charge it for 8 hours or more

2.Unplug the charger

3.Turn your phone off and charge it for one hour

4.Unplug the charger

5.Turn on the phone and wait 2 minutes

6.Turn your phone off and charge it for one hour

7.Unplug, turn it on and use as normal. Your battery life should now be a lot better