It's reasonable to assume that HTC will be revamping Sense when it begins to roll out Android 4.0 versions of its devices (and upgrades for older devices) early next year. After all, Android itself got a major UI refresh — so why not Sense? Be that as it may, an Ice Cream Sandwich version of the Sensation XE's ROM recently appeared on xda-developers equipped with the same old Sense 3.5, and RCTeam — the group responsible for posting it — claims that it is "as stock as possible." By and large, the screen shots look similar to the Sense that we already know from devices on the market today, though a couple tweaks are readily evident: there's a revised dock on the home screen and support for jumping straight into an app folder from the lock screen, both welcome changes. Is this close to what we'll actually see by the time HTC's ICS updates go gold, or is this some rough, interim update that's strictly being tested internally?