Someone help me change my mind

I've always been an iOS user and recently decided it was time to try the galaxy nexus and ics so I purchased one. For anyone else I'm sure it would be a great experience but me having been an apple user for so long I'm just really disappointed in some of the simple things that you take for granted. Rendering, browser load times, terribly designed apps with the exception to Google's, battery life, and even the display isn't as good as I thought it would be. Theres tons of things i love about the nexus and with the iPhone keeping the same design I figured now was as good of time as any to make the switch but I'm finding it more andore difficult to complete the transition by selling my 4s. The ecosystem and core apps keep trying to suck me back in. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fanboy of either. I really wanted to invest in the google experience this time (which is why I shelled out $700) but I'm really close to taking out my sim card and putting it back in my 4s and selling the nexus because that's a lot of money. Hell if I could I would keep both and alternate every week.