Myriad's Alien Dalvik technology already lets you run Android apps on a variety of platforms, and the newest version lets cable providers support Google TV apps on their set top boxes. This release, known as Alien Vue, is powered by the same virtual Android environment that Myriad showed off on the iPad and will support HTML5 apps along with Google TV offerings. The usual suspects like Netflix, YouTube, and Twitter were mentioned, but there's also less typical apps supported as well, like RSS reader Pulse. Android device owners will see the extra benefit of using their devices as remotes, but there doesn't appear to be any other integration at the moment.

Myriad's also giving service providers the option to run their own, fully skinned app store experience by means of AppCarousel, so users might be at the mercy of their cable company's app selection. So far there's been no announcement on any cable companies picking this up, and consumers can't install this software on their own — we'll see if Myriad convinces anyone at CES.