Nikon D5000

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Reviewed by Barron (Currently owns)

I received this camera as a gift from a friend a few years ago as an upgrade to my D40. The camera is great, with very few flaws, and only a handful of features I wish it included. Something that aggravates me and I consider a flaw is when using Auto-ISO and Flash together. It seems as if the camera meters for a non-flash picture in terms of ISO, and then fires flash so pictures are always using Hi-1 when they could be perfectly exposed with much lower ISOs. This may be a design flaw or might have been on purpose, but regardless, it irritates me. Also, the camera does not have an AF-motor, so some older Nikon lenses will not be able to autofocus. Audio quality during video is horrendous, and the video itself has very intense jelly-cam effect; the result of it being a first generation HDSLR. Lastly, I would do anything for a larger viewfinder; it is literally microscopic. All in all, it was a great beginners camera with easy to access controls (especially using the custom menu option).

The Breakdown

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  • Hardware / design 7
  • Image quality 8
  • Video quality 7
  • Interface / controls 7
  • Features 8
  • Performance 7
  • Lens ecosystem 10
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