Top 10 posts written by Paul Miller in 2011

Yeah, opinion and features and editorials are fun, but I also derive a lot of satisfaction doing up a regular old news post. I'm pretty much the best in the business, as you'll no doubt agree, and so for your benefit I've collected 10 of my favorites from this year.


This one was hard to do wrong. Still, I really nailed the execution. "A Snuggie for your face." (Thanks @idonethis for reminding me.)


Really enjoyed letting my mind run wild. Was maybe half right?


Again, flights of imagination. We're starting to see a little bit of this with games, who are sharing their save states across devices. I plan to be 100% right on this one.


Pardon the formatting, it got messed up in the transition process, and can't really be fixed now. Still, I think this encapsulates the current state of robotics really well.


I just really want this.


In high school I did a lot of acting. Wasn't very good, but had a lot of fun, and this brought a bit of that back to the surface.


I'm the "Minecraft expert" at The Verge, which really just means I'm the one who has sunk 100s of hours of my life into the game. A good portion of that was spent hollowing out a whole mountain while listening to audiobooks.


I still have this plugin installed.


Really like my imagery here: "These are sprawled-on-the-shag-carpet-in-the-basement sort of listeners." Also, I'm desperate to own a pair.


Brought tears to my own eyes.

Bonus Round:

This wasn't a news post, but I had a blast writing it.