Are You Watching This?! is designed to make sure you never miss the big game, and after an update to its free Android app this week, it's even better at its job. The new app tracks every game being played, and alerts you when there's a game on you'll want to watch: close games, games with your favorite teams, and the like. The alerts are customizable, too, so you'll only get games you'll actually want to flip on. If you input your cable provider and location, the app will even tell you what channel the game is on — and if you've got the right setup, flip straight to the action for you. It connects with DirecTV, TiVo, or Google TV devices, and works kind of like the Peel remote; just tap what you want to watch, and it goes straight to the right channel. You can also swipe side-to-side to flip between games, which should really come in handy come March Madness, when a dozen games are ending all at once on a dozen different channels you can't remember.