The new Yelp app for BMW Online helps you stay away from bad restaurants without risking your life (and probably breaking the law) by letting you browse Yelp results with your car's built-in iDrive controls instead of your phone. You can search by category, and you can have those (sometimes quite humorous) reviews read aloud to you. The app complements BMW Online's current offerings, which includes Bloomberg Mobile and Google Maps searches. Unlike BMW ConnectedDrive, this doesn't use your iPhone's data connection — the app and the mobile internet are built into the car. Drivers in the US with a navigation-equipped model year 2009 or later Z4, 1, 3, or 7 series, 2010 or later X5, X6, 5, or 6 series, or a 2011 or later X3 can use the Yelp app now, so long as they're subscribed to the $199.99 per year BMW Assist Convenience Plan.