RIM has been previewing its BBM Music service in the US and made it available for download via App World, but it has now pushed the app out to all compatible BlackBerry phones. The devices which should now have the new icon and app include those running BlackBerry OS 7 and some BlackBerry OS 5 and OS 6 devices — unless of course your corporate overlords have prevented it from hitting your enterprise device. The 1.1 update has a variety of improvements and fixes, the most notable of which is that the "Show what I'm listening to" option within BlackBerry Messenger now works with the service. Users can also send invites via Facebook and Twitter.

BBM Music, as we explained during its original launch, allows users a maximum of 50 songs at the start, but that cap grows as you add other BBM friends that use the app. It's a relatively-expensive $4.99 per month service for what's on offer, but if you sign up before January 4th you should get a limited time free trial of up to four months, depending on your carrier.