Right now, having Verizon FiOS television means having a hefty set-top box under your television, but the company's planning on changing that next year. The company told TechCrunch that starting in late 2012, it's going to deliver a "media server" that will stream FiOS TV content to all your Wi-Fi connected devices. Mind you, since many televisions don't yet have Wi-Fi, you'll still need a separate box for them, but even in the short term we're looking at smaller boxes and a smaller overall footprint. Verizon's released a video depicting the basic idea, which we've embedded below, as well as another video demonstrating the reach of an 802.11n 5GHz MIMO signal while streaming 40Mbps 3D HD FiOS content. Pushing a battery-powered cart with a TV and wireless receiver on board, Verizon allegedly made it 200 feet down the hallway of a heavy-duty office building without degrading quality. Watch for yourself below!