Apple MacBook Air (13-inch, late 2010)

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Reviewed by oatsandsugar (Currently owns)

My mum gave me this laptop afte her work gave it to her and she wan't interested. For university, (I think) it is the perfect laptop - amazing screen, keyboard, touchpad - good battery life (brilliant OS).

When I get a-charging, the laptop might run a little hot.

There are no fast external options (no firewire or thunderbolt - which I would love to use to store my photos on).

Further, with the 2gb option ... there Aperture sure can run slow, although that the photos are stored on an external USB HDD probably doesn't help.

I have become spoiled for speed with the SSD ... but now looking for a machine more suited to photo editing.

The Breakdown

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  • Design 10
  • Keyboard 9
  • Touchpad 10
  • Display 10
  • Performance 7
  • Heat / noise 7
  • Battery life 8
  • Software 10
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