The Ferrari of Smartphones

Im young, just got out of college at Radford University in VA. I work a 9 to 5 at Verizon Wireless, im a part of the culture i really wanted to avoid but everybodys gotta start some where but honestly I'm on the bleeding edge of technology and that kind of makes up for it all.

I am currently using a Galaxy Neuxs, and in my opinion it is the best phone ever made. On top of that its 100% free through my work, and truly unlimited. So even though i dont drive the nicest car or live in a new home, I currently have some of the best technology on the market. So everyday when i go to work and get to be around great tech, makes it worthwhile.

Does any one else agree that inside of the tech world, having the latest on the market specifically the Nexus, is really rewarding like i do?

Just looking for some feedback

- Pruett