Samsung Nexus S 4G

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Reviewed by lividcreature (Currently owns)

I got the Nexus S 4G for two reasons: one, because I wanted to get out of Verizon - fast because of all of the problems I had with them, their billing department and how large my bills were for such awful service (customer service, that is) and two, because Verizon didn't offer a Nexus phone (which yes, they do now). But ultimately, the primary reason was because I wanted pure Android on a nice form factor.

That all being said, The Nexus S 4G is a snappy phone with a beautiful display, great performance and decent battery life. It has all of the features you'd want in a smartphone and then some. It plays games, runs apps and has a relatively decent browsing experience all quite nicely. Phone calls are as clear as day and data - well, it's Sprint so you know what you're getting into there.

The major drawbacks of the device, simply put is the reception. With EVERYTHING. Wifi, 3G, WiMax. All, just abysmal. I don't know if it's the WiMax radio that's inside that causes such poor reception, but even with the 'update' that Google rolled out not long after its debut that was to "fix" the reception problems, it just didn't. It's a very hard thing to overcome, mentally, that such a staple of a smartphone's functionality was so poorly integrated into such a fine piece of hardware. If the reception wasn't a factor, this phone would have gotten a 9 in my opinion.

The bottom line is this: yes, the Galaxy Nexus is out, yes, I am overly jealous I didn't wait a few months and stuck it out with Verizon to get one over switching to big Yellow for this Nexus S. But, in all thing relatively speaking, the phone itself surpasses any other Android phone out there (aside from the GNex) as pure Google, pure function and fashion at the same time.

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