Sony Ericsson has already jumped ahead of the rest of the Android manufacturer pack by committing itself to releasing Android 4.0 on a slew of smartphones and even going so far as to to release "preview ROMs" for several of them. On the tablet side, Sony looks like it's being equally aggressive. In a post on its official Sony forums in the UK, a staffer posted a message proclaiming that "Android 4.0 will be available for Sony Tablet." The language was a little vague, but a follow up post narrowed it down to the Sony Tablet S. Unfortunately, Sony didn't announce a time frame for release of Ice Cream Sandwich or even when it might announce a time frame, saying only that those details would "be announced in due course." We've confirmed with Sony that the update is indeed on the way and will also be available in the US.

We found Honeycomb increasingly frustrating in our review of the Sony Tablet S, especially with Sony's software additions. We'd certainly like to see the same March/April window Sony Ericsson gave to phones apply to tablets, but obviously wouldn't complain a bit if Sony could accelerate it even further.