Apple iPhone 4 (CDMA)

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Reviewed by Sheffne (Currently owns)

The score is from the stand point of December 2011, back in 2010 - mid 2011 it would have been a 10. From its original release date in 2010 to CDMA release in 2011 till today, the phone is one of the best phones ever made. Reception, call quality, screen quality, updatability (from 4.0 to 5.0) are all matched only by the 4S and Galaxy Nexus released almost a year after the original iPhone 4 was released. In fact to this day is one of the slimmest, most well designed phones on the market.

As of December 2011:
Screen: 8/10 - incredible screen for its size, but needs to be increased to 4.0 inches.
Call quality: 9/10 - perfect in the city (Chicago), average in the countryside (northern Wisconsin)
Battery Life: 10/10 - in my experience the best battery life on any smartphone, better than the 4S even.
Build quality: 8/10 - feels great in the hand, and amazing materials, but VERY fragile in the wrong hands.
Software : 9/10 - iOS feels a bit stale on the homescreen, but as soon as you are in an app the experience is unmatched.
Content: 10/10 - following on the legacy of the iPod the selection of podcasts, movies, music etc is unmatched in the industry to this day.
Compatibility: 10/10 - if you are at a friend's house or the airport or the office you WILL find someone with an iphone charging cable. When shopping for accessories you WILL find the right one, when trying to explain to TSA what you have in your pocket you WILL be understood, when looking for a cool app your friend has you WILL find it and WILL be able to install it.

Finally when iOS 6 will come out - you ARE more likely than Android to be able to install and run it on this device.

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