Any one-year contract from US carriers?

So, is there 1-year contracts available on any US carriers?

I live in Sydney, Australia. I recently signed up a 1-year contract with Vodafone, paying A$49 plus A$25 (for the phone) per month, totaling A$888 a year, to get the Galaxy Nexus. And I think that's a pretty nice deal.

Phones are coming out at such a high frequency, thanks to HTC and Samsung, and upgrading so rapidly that 2 years seems to be such a long time. Any phone you signed up for two years ago feels like antique right now. 1 year seems to be a better length for the contract. Granted there are consumers who prefer 2-year contracts, and are willing to stick to a phone for that long, but I just think it's nice to have an option.

OKay, back to the question. SO, is there any?