Rooting and installing arbitrary ROMs on most Android devices is no longer interesting or novel — if anything, it's more interesting when they can't be rooted — but it's not everyday that you hear of a wristwatch falling to the hacker's knife. Motorola's recently-released MotoACTV sports watch, which normally runs a highly customized UI atop Android 2.3, has been opened up using Revolutionary's zergRush exploit, and the standard suite of Google apps can now be installed (the developer recommends grabbing them from CyanogenMod). The root also allows you to load a launcher of your own choosing — it's demonstrated here running Honeycomb Launcher 1.8, which offers a shockingly authentic Honeycomb experience. Something tells us Google never anticipated demonstrating a tablet UI on a 1.6-inch display, but to borrow mountaineer George Mallory's famous quote: "Why root a watch? Because it's there."