Is Windows Phone 7 Dead in the Water?

For the last 18 months tech journalists have told us that Windows Phone 7 is about to take the mobile market by storm.

It hasn't happened and is unlikely to. After 18 months WP7 has effectively 0% marketshare, that's right 0%. We keep hearing the same old saws 'Microsoft plays the long game' or Microsoft has to win in Mobile'. Perhaps Microsoft needs to win in Mobile, but whether it does or not is a totally different story.

I had some hopes that the Nokia tie up might help poor struggling WP7, but in fact the only result to that has been tumbling marketshare for Nokia. Fairly recently Nokia had 40% of the SmartPhone market, but it has dropped like a rock since the Windows Phone 7 announcement. In spite of Nokia having a very good reputation here in England, the Lumia 800 sales are nothing short of dire. Reviews have been decidedly mixed. All lot of the tech journalists seem to want to like it, but Mango just doesn't cut it against iOS.

The funny thing is that we routinely hear that Blackberry is dying. Yet it continues to sell well with 17% market share. Here in the UK 40% of all teenagers have Blackberry.

I wouldn't say that the Blackberry is doing well, but it's doing a heck of a lot better than WP7.

In the top ten best selling phones this month iPhone has several handsets, Blackberry several handsets and nothing at all for Windows Phone 7 in spite of a big push for the Lumia 800.

By this time next year Microsoft will have dropped WP 7 and be making Apps for iOS and Android.

The only question is when will they drop WP 7?