We don't typically like to pile rumor upon rumor, but Digitimes has one that nicely lines up: reportedly, Intel's speedy Thunderbolt port will come to "several first-tier PC players," possibly including Asus, Gigabyte and Sony, starting in April 2012. (We'd already heard Asus and Acer are on board.) Currently, Apple's the only company with Thunderbolt ports on its MacBook Air, iMac, and MacBook Pro (though Sony already technically uses an optical derivative of the tech), but the rumor would suggest that the finalized Thunderbolt spec would bear fruit during the very same month that Intel's 22nm Ivy Bridge processors and related chipsets are rumored to hit the market. Even if both rumors pan out, that doesn't mean that Thunderbolt will be integrated into the Ivy Bridge chipset — in fact, Intel told AnandTech that it won't — but considering that Intel's agreed to support the competing USB 3.0 standard in Ivy Bridge, it makes sense that Intel would want to have its own chips at the ready to minimize cannibalization of Thunderbolt.