A heartfelt outpouring from current Engadget Managing Editor, Darren Murph, about some myths between AOL and Engadget

An interesting read for all Engadget and The Verge readers (likely we're mostly either or at some point)

An excerpt from the post:

"I've grown increasingly disgusted by wafts of condescending attitudes towards Engadget since the creation of The Verge. Would I seriously be more of a talent at The Verge than at Engadget? Could the same question be asked in reverse? What (most) everyone fails to realize is that it took every single editor that walked away an incredible amount of time before any of them were capable of doing Engadget proud without any behind-the-scenes hand-holding. Every single one of us had to crawl, get kicked around and edited until we were pulling our hair out before we learned to fly. The teaching methods that applied to The Verge crew still apply to the newer faces that are gracing Engadget's pages - there are still very, very strong roots to Peter and Ryan here at Engadget, and no one - no one - gets the opportunity to post anything on this site without going through the same editing hell that I went through with Mr. Block as my guide. " - Darren Murph

I think a lot of us needs to be reminded that Engadget still have a dedicated team also working really hard and we should not be disrespectful of their effort with any of our dismissive attitudes.