We had positive impressions of the HTC Flyer when we reviewed it, but the price tag was a lot to swallow for a 7-inch tablet running a pre-Honeycomb version of Android. However, for those in the UK, Dixons has slashed the price to £199.97 (about $314 US) — less than half of the Flyer's launch price. That'll get you the Wi-Fi-only 16GB model, with Scribe pen included; another £50 will net you 32GB of storage instead. While it would be tough to recommend if the Flyer was stuck on Froyo, the device has since been updated to Honeycomb, which gets you only one version behind the current Android release. There's still some life left in the Flyer yet, especially at this price. If you're more of a BlackBerry fan, though, the 16GB BlackBerry Playbook is only £169 (about $265 US) at both Dixons and Carphone Warehouse. There's no word on how long these deep discounts will last, so don't dawdle.