LG's got new 3D glasses that it hopes will make you less embarrassed to wear a pair in the house. From left to right (above), there's the F320 clip-on, the Alain Mikli-designed F360, and the curvy F310 glasses. There's no pricing info available, but LG touts that they're all light and comfortable thanks to the film patterned retarder (FPR) 3D tech that its TVs employ. Like all FPR glasses, you can bring your own pair to the cinema (assuming it's using RealD 3D) if you really want to show off.

Other than the improved frames, LG's confirmed that its 2012 smart TVs will have WiDi for wireless video streaming and feature the refreshed magic motion remote with voice recognition and gesture capabilities. We'll have some more details and impressions for you in a couple of weeks from CES 2012.